CA - Final

Hand - Written Book on

Company Law & 

Economic Laws / Allied Laws (4th Edition)

I am Glad to present before you, Handwritten Book on CA Final Law

Primarily, it is a Hand Written Book in Multi Colour for simplified understanding.

This Book is applicable for May 2020 Exam !!

Book is applicable for MAY 2020 Attempt!! (For Old & New Course, Both)

Book is divided in 4 Volumes:

Volume 1: Content Book of Company Law

Volume 2: Question Bank of Company Law

Volume 3: Content Book of Allied / Economic Law

Volume 4: Question Bank of Allied / Economic Law


Features of the Book:

Handwritten Multi – Coloured Book | Easy to Understand  | Full Coverage of the Syllabus (Around 1136 Pages) | Detailed & Comprehensive | Includes all Amendments upto 31.10.2019 | Explanation using Flowcharts wherever possible  | Story Codes given to understand & retain the Answer | Exhaustive Coverage in Question & Answers – 2254 Questions (Subjective & MCQs)| MCQs also provided for every chapter | Relevant Case Laws covered


Coverage in Subjective Q & A:

14 – ICAI Past Exam Questions from May 2013 to Nov 2019 Exams
13 – ICAI Mock Papers from August 2016 Series to October 2019 Series
8 – ICAI Past RTP’s from May 2016 to Nov. 2019
100% Questions from ICAI Material & ICAI Question Bank
All MCQ’s from Sample MCQs issued by ICAI – also covered.

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Happy Reading :)

CA Arpita Tulsyan

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